In the second half of the twentieth century, greater freedoms allowed women to lead a much fuller life. The contraceptive pill enabled women to share in the sexual freedom previously enjoyed only by men. They could have sex with multiple partners without the worry of pregnancy – and without the concern of being found out. This in itself gave birth to a more confident attitude in women, in that they felt more in control of their own destinies.

Some educated women who felt strongly about the woman’s place in society began writing strongly formed arguments for the case of female equality. Some were listened to; others not. Quite a few feminists espoused logical and well thought out positions, and these were adopted into the behaviour of western civilization. However, many were stridently anti-male, and their arguments grew increasingly ridiculous, thus detracting from their original intent of bringing about a society wherein women were regarded as equals.

A further problem encountered by the proponents of feminism was that a great many women didn’t actually want feminism, or at least some of the aspects of feminism. Such women felt that equality was very desirous, but not at the cost of losing their femininity along the way, or the way men were attracted to them. In the latter decade of the twentieth century, this resulted in a backlash against feminism, and the concept was largely discredited in all but the most die-hard of its exponents.

After the failure of feminism to reverse women’s role in society, it was realised that the only way to oust patriarchal society was to replace it with something of an equal nature, albeit with the gender roles reversed.

Matriarchy was considered too tame; the only viable alternative was gynocracy – wherein the society is ruled by women. The ideal model existed in the Catal Hoyuk civilisation, which revered Cybele as the Earth Mother.

Already, the foundations for a return of Cybelianism were in place. For decades, the New Age movement had been advocating a return to nature, and there was much interest in natural remedies. Climatic change was another factor; most people were aware of the damage being done to the planet by various sources, and were eager to do their part in reversing the damage already done.

In women themselves, two prevailing attitudes were in place. Some women were perfectly content with their lot; others were searching for a replacement for the now discredited feminism. There was a consciousness that feminism had not gone far enough in empowering women.

With this in mind, the Cybelian Order was established in September 2004. It also came to be known as the First Church of Female Supremacy, although the Order is a purely secular one, allowing its members to continue their adherence to their existing belief structures. In the past nine years, the Order has grown in size at a phenomenal rate. As of September 2013, it now has followers in 85 countries Worldwide.

The Cybelian belief system is based on the Catal Hoyuk model – that of a gynocracy wherein the society is ruled by women, and where men are reduced to a secondary role in all things. As everything has to start somewhere, Cybelianism was begun in the households and communities of Cybelian members. Now, across the World, the wives rule their households, and it is now time for the movement to become more a part of society.

Cybelians who wish to get married firstly discuss what it entails to have a Cybelian marriage. The wife must wish to be the primary partner – the one in charge. The husband must be prepared to be the secondary partner. Both parties must be aware of, and agree, the tenets of the Cybelian lifestyle. One of the tenets is the woman’s freedom to cuckold the man by having sex with as many other men as she chooses. In addition to this freedom, there are two basic tenets. The first is that the husband will have no freedom; the wife will keep him naked and collared at all times when he is at home. All of his clothes will be locked away, and his wife will have the only key. The second is that the man’s status in the household will be no greater than that of a toilet for his wife’s use, and the use of any other adult females in the household.

At first sight all of this appears more than a little bizarre, and in fact it is. It is also quite extreme. However, it is what is needed for the wife to obtain full control of the man, and to keep it. Keeping a man naked and collared ensures he is mindful at all times that he is ruled by his wife, and has absolutely no freedom. Unless his wife allows him to dress, he can’t leave the house. This is a great leveller: the man will learn his place, and in so doing he will lose much of his natural male aggression.

It is still not enough to completely tame the man. This is where the wife’s use of him as a human-toilet comes in. Whenever the wife needs to urinate, the man has to immediately drop what he is doing, and lay beneath her with his mouth open wide, then swallow all of her urine. This will be done as many times during the day as the wife needs to urinate. Should there be guests present who are aware of the tenets of the marriage, the man will still have to submit to being used as a toilet – even if the guests witness his abject shame.

Indeed, this is bizarre. But it is necessary in a gynocracy, where for it all to work the man must be reduced to as low a status as possible. As with the Catal Hoyuk and Luristan models, where in both cases the woman is seen urinating on the man, it actually works. In urinating on the man, the woman is doing two equally important things. Firstly, she is keeping the man in his place by showing her contempt for him – how better to show contempt than urinating on someone. Secondly, she is ensuring his continued good health by making him drink her urine. The beneficial effects of drinking urine have been known for many centuries. In modern times it is called urine therapy.

Although women in the Catal Hoyuk civilization were urinating on their men 8000 years ago, the concept of urine therapy only originated in India some three thousand years later. It first saw light in most of the volumes of Ayurvada, the ancient Indian practice of medicine. It was initially a spiritual practice, but soon became a medicinal treatment when it’s remarkable healing properties became apparent.

In the Bible, Proverbs 5-15 tells us to “Drink water from thy own cistern.” This is somewhat of a surprise to find such advice in the Bible, but there must have been a good reason for it to be there. Many of the admonitions in the Old Testament make sound sense, such as the advice not to eat shellfish or pork. In those times, those foods were often harmful to health.

Let’s look at the scientific aspects. Contrary to commonly held belief. Urine is not a toxic waste product; it is sterile. More exactly, urine is a by-product of blood filtration, not waste filtration. Medically it is referred to as plasma ultrafiltrate - a purified derivative of the blood itself, made by the kidneys--whose principal function is not excretion but regulation of all the elements and their concentrations in the blood. Urine is 95 percent water. The other 5% is made of dissolved and suspended solids, none of which are toxic. The two main components are simple salt and a compound called urea. In addition to salt and urea, other elements include hormones, proteins, antibodies and other beneficial pharmacological agents. So far from being harmful, urine actually does have known healing agents.

Although it is not a universal panacea, the benefits of urine therapy are many. It is good for sinus and chest congestion, is a powerful cleansing agent for the digestive tract, can be used as eye-drops, an effective gargle for sore throats, and can be used topically to cleanse wounds. It is also good to treat skin conditions. There are also many cases of it curing serious illnesses.

So, as may be seen, not only is the woman urinating on a man an essential part of keeping him in his place, it is also an excellent way of keeping him around to serve the woman for as long as possible. In a gynocracy, this is a very important and effective tool for women to obtain and retain power.

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